The Workout

That damn elevator. Taking too long to arrive and I need to go upstairs and just drop. The bag on my shoulder was just too heavy and the coat on me was adding on extra weight.

I couldn’t believe I was still waiting in this cold basement. Cold because the garage where my car was parked was connected to it. And then, an apartment building that only had 1 elevator of all things, but 2 different set of stairs.

If my body could, I would have tried to run up the 10 flight of stairs, but I don’t think I could make it to the next level without collapsing. Pressing the button to call on this elevator was already a harsh decision I had to make, but what can you do?

The thought of the elevator breaking down came to my mind and despair started to set in. Panic would soon follow. I was not equipped to deal with this at this particular moment, on this particular day. No, I was not.

Just when I was ready to give up all hope, the “ding” sound that announced the arrival of the elevator came singing in my ear, relieving me of the stress I was started to get acquainted with.

I slowly moved into the small space, thinking about the opportunity to reach my domicile and rest. Ten flights… Pressing the button that would get me there was a challenge in itself. Now, deciding where I would go. The bedroom, where the bed’s comfort rivaled what Heaven might feel like if anyone had lived to experienced such a thing or my couch, which had the more convenient proximity, but its comfort was just okay compared to my bed.

Now the elevator ride was taking long as well. Why was life trying to mess with me that way? We reached the first floor and about 6 people came in. This old ass couple; the man on his walker, his woman with a cane, this young white kid that looked like he had just been let out of the Breakfast Club movie, this middle aged Indian woman who won’t look anyone in the eyes, this brother who seemed to tough and a young mixed lady, sporting a fro that made mine look quite small. I stayed in the corner and waited. The young lady wearing an intoxicating fragrance stood in front of me. I knew who she was. In the summer, she’d wear these shorts that put her ass in evidence and her tops kept me in desire.

But in this ride, I was too tired to think of it and thanks to the winter, none of those things came to light. A winter coat covering all the beauty that the universe blessed her with. The other passengers were nothing for me to worry about until they had to get off.

As the elevator ride started, the Breakfast Club guy said out loud, “Well, I’m glad everyone agreed to meet me here.”

The black guy tried to hold back a smile, the young lady giggled and the couple laughed telling him it was a good one. The Indian woman looked around confused. The guy ignored everyone except the young lady standing in front of me. Tried to throw more jokes her way, shooting his shot in the worst way.

We reached the 3rd floor and the first 2 people that came out on the 3rd floor were the older couple. Walker and cane in hand, as slowly as they walked into the elevator, they made sure to walk just as slow, as though to taunt me it seems, knowing that I was weak today. They did it on purpose.

Finally after they got out, the Breakfast Club reject left on the 4th floor. That annoyed me too. I wished he had tried the stairs. He looked young enough and able enough to take on 4 flights of stairs. He still tried to shoot his shot by saying to the young lady that he hoped to see her soon. Left without a number or a name.

The Indian woman left on the 6th floor and the brother left on the 8th. I was merciless with my mental insults towards them. Because they made me wait. Finally, we reached my floor and the young lady that usually enticed me during the summer came off as well. She was a close neighbor.

She saw my weakened state as I slowly moved out of the elevator, faster than the older couple, but slowly regardless. She asked, “Are you ok?”

I uttered, still weak, “Yep… I am… Thanks for asking…”

The weight of my keys seemed to have increase.

The young lady told me to take care before entering her apartment. I powered through the pain and opened the door to my place. I left the bag on the floor and let the door close on its own. I didn’t care about my bed’s comfort. I found my couch and fell on it. My mission was accomplished.

I waited a few minutes before shifting around so that I could rest on my back. My coat still on me, I didn’t care. I was going to rest. I heard a noise from the bedroom and there she was.

Celia came out of there, booty shorts underwear on, black and lace type, along with a loose tank top that revealed that she had no bra on that day. I was tired, but my hormones were starting to wake up.

She smiled as she saw me sprawled on the coach. She came to me and started unzipping my winter coat. She asked, “So you had a hard workout today, baby?”

“Mmmh mmmh” were the sounds that came out of my mouth.

She giggled. I grunted as she removed my arms from the coat sleeves and then pulled the coat from under me. She then got on top of me and removed the shirt I had on. I had been able to shower at the gym, but that was with its own difficulties.

She asked, “So what did you work on today?”

I laid there, topless. I grunted and said, “Ken killed me with a circuit that included Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Push-Ups, Dips and ended with Burpees. 8 reps of 8 for each of them. Then after that, he had me using the bench press until I couldn’t lift no more.”

She laughed and started to massage my chest. My dick was supposed to be dormant, but as she moved, I started to feel her lower lips moving against me. Clothing meant nothing at that point. And then, there was that shirt, and her breasts coming out of it every time she moved her hands around my chest. I couldn’t lift my arms. They were killing me, but my insides had been ignited. And she felt my dick calling for her. She stopped, looked down and smiled at me again. She said, “Someone is excited.”

That’s when non verbal communication came in the picture. A simple look usually stated what was desired and another look reciprocated the request made. The look I had displayed yearning and desire. She replied with a smile.

I was not going to move at that particular moment. I was not moving an inch. And she knew it and I think that was why she was smiling.

She said, “I’m going to have some fun with you.”

She got off of me and removed her underwear. My head was resting nicely on the couch’s upholstery. She straddled my face, holding me by my hair and pressed her pussy against my lips. I began kissing and licking those lips of hers and she grinded against me, slowly at first, enjoying that sensation she was feeling and slowly increasing in speed as she approached her point of climax. She went so fast at one point that she didn’t care whether my lips or tongue was on there. She was moving so fast, she released my hair and was rubbing her clit against my nose, reaching her orgasm with a loud scream, followed by spasms in her legs that lasted a few seconds.

Once those were done, she rushed to turn on the TV and put on a basketball game. She wanted to drown any further noise she would make or better yet… She wanted to drown the noise she was planning on forcing me to make.

Celia then went to my pants and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned them, unzipped them and finally, just slowly pulled them along with my underwear, releasing the girth that had grown strong and impatient inside while she had mounted my face. She returned the favor by taking me in her mouth, licking along the length of my dick and sucking around it as well. She spat on it and rubbed it while massaging my balls. A sensation that had my toes try to revert back into my feet. And then she licked the head all while rubbing and massaging me. I wanted to scream, but I only let out a, “Oh shit that feels good, baby. Don’t stop that.”

And she didn’t. She kept going. She would go back to sucking and licking and even exercising how much of me she could take in her throat which would then be followed by more spit and rubbing and she knew that I loved it that way.

I couldn’t have been harder at that point. She removed her top and then proceeded to mount me, slowly. 

With every inch that her moist and tight walls embraced my shaft, I almost experienced a little death. The sensation was just heavenly… Pussy swallowing up dick almost like a boa having its next meal. And once she had swallowed me hole, her ride was under way, moving slowly at first. One foot on the floor, the other one next to my left side, she dictated the pace of this encounter. She rose up and down and then she would grind on me, alternating every time she couldn’t handle the bounce, with her hand on my throat and a smile on her face again. Knowing that this is a once in a lifetime occurrence, she took advantage of it, doing the things that I would usually do to her.

Despite the pain, I held on to her waist with one hand and her breast with the other, but I didn’t remove her hand from my throat. She wanted to try that and I wanted to see what else she could come up with.

I let her move her waist against me, but I wouldn’t try it myself as it was still painful to do so, but I could feel myself ready to explode. And I watched her. She wanted to get me to cum before her, but her hold on my neck became weaker and the look on her face became softer. She was about to reach it as well. She grinded and didn’t stop grinding until she felt it again, this time, passionately kissing me, muffling the screams that came out of her mouth. I was not far behind her, experiencing that same level of euphoria, I didn’t close my mouth as I let out a “FUUUUCK!”

She didn’t wait before getting off of me and getting on her knees. She started rubbing, sucking and massaging my girth again, letting out the remnant of my seed onto her lips, her hands and along my shaft.

Breathing was the natural thing and the only thing I could do after that. Celia made her way to the bathroom and came back with a wet rag, doused in warm water. She wiped off the cum that had escape her and cleaned it off of me. She then went back to the bathroom and cleaned herself up as well. Celia then came back and laid, naked, on top of me. Her face on my chest, her breasts against my stomach and her vagina, still wet from our encounter, resting against my dick that had gone limp. We stayed there like that for a good little while.

Later that evening, after I had recovered from my workout at the gym and on my couch, I went to the garbage chute to throw some garbage out and met with my neighbor from earlier. She smiled at me and said, “Sounded like you had a good time earlier.”

I smiled at her and asked, “How did you hear?”

She said, “Well, I had my ear to the door after the basketball game came on.”

She walked back to her apartment without saying a thing, but before closing her door, she made sure to flash me a smile which looked like an invitation to me and said, “Maybe next time.”

I smiled back and said, “Yeah… Next time.”



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